TRC Parks is a network of class A logistic and industrial projects developed by Transilvania Constructii. Our logistics and industrial parks provide tailor-made solutions for your company, creating the proper space where your business can grow faster and more efficient. Placed only on top locations with easy access, skilled labor and great connections, TRC Parks is remodeling a simple warehouse into a custom-build solution, based on our client's demands.

Warehouse TRC
 Our philosophy is to build smart warehouses, customized for each client based on their needs. We collaborate with our clients, we connect, listen and advice on best answer to their questions.

TRC Parks brand is built on four pillars that communicate our believes and values

Custom built warehouses

each client is different, have various backgrounds, needs, expectations, workflow and dynamism. Our in-depth knowledge on constructions and managing real estate proprieties are recommending us and guarantee finding the best result for your requirements.


being honest, transparent and have an ethic code are the vital elements that stand at the core of our brand. We respect our obligations, promises and we treat our customers, partners and stakeholders with dignity.

Flexibility and adaptability

we are highly flexible and adaptable when comes to offer the tops solutions. Our client demands are met in every detail.

Perpetual improvement

our world is changing each day and the advance of technology is affecting all markets. We try to incorporate latest technologies in our warehouses, we think them on a long term and we build them at highest construction and sustainability standards.